App Development

Low-Code App Developments with Microsoft's Power Platform. Ideal for Organizational Apps.

  • Simple Apps can be developed in less than a week.

  • Built-in connectors to hundreds of sources. 

  • Multi-device: Tablets, Desktop and Mobile

Data Engineering

The first step in any data project is making sure you the right data, at the right time in the right place.

  • Our team of Data Engineers takes care of extracting transforming and loading your data.

  • You can have all your APIs, ERPs, WMSs in one simplified data model.

  • Out team can leave everything ready for you to develop reports or even advanced data science models.


Data Visualization

Together with your end-users we can develop dashboards and reports that ensure decisions are taken with the best data and analysis possible.

  • We are Microsoft Power BI Partners.
  • We have trained hundreds of users in using and developing reports.
  • We have a deep expertise in storytelling with data.


Reportes a la medida basado en tus fuentes de datos.

Integraciones disponibles con más de 100 fuentes de datos


Hemos realizado más de 20 proyectos de BI en 3 países.


Predictive Models that are trained with first and third party data.


Forecasting, Classification, Clustering, Regression, NLP, Image Detection, you name it.


We will use the best algorithms for your needs. From simple linear
regression to the most advanced deep learning algorithms.

Data Science

The next step after your team has been taking decisions based on past data is to take decisions on what will happen. Our Data Scientist can help you in creating predictive models to enhance your decision making.

  • Machine Learning Models

  • Deep Learning Models