App Development with Microsoft PowerApps for all those administrative and operational processes.    

  • Development of functionalities in less than 1 week.     

  • Connections available for integration to other systems.  

  • Multiplataform: Tablets, Desktop and Mobile.

Ventorium  is an internally developed platform for data collection and integration.
This platform eliminate data silos across your organization and integrate in one place.


We are Power BI Partners

  • Dashboards development.
  • Consultancy in architecture and development of reports.
  • Trainings. 

Projects with advanced analytical techniques such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning and other types of models that will help you understand and improve your business like never before.


Artificial Intelligence Models consider: 

  1. Level

  2. Seasonality

  3. Trends

  4. Exogenous Variables

  5. Apart from the interactions between products 

  6. Cannibalization and Substitution


Taking into account the demand forecast we can make statistical models to control your inventory, that take into account:

  1. Inventory Position  (Stocks in Transit, Current and Orders) throughout your chain

  2. Supplier Conditions (delivery times and its variations)

  3. Cost of lost sales and utilities.

  4. Review Periods, Expirations and more

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