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Supply Chain Analytics

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First step, visibility.

Time to forget about downloading,  editing and visualizing reports from tens of Excels, ERPs, POSs, WMS, etc.

Data Integration


Full flexibility for adapting your reports for your Sourcing, Planning, Logistics, Manufacturing, Sales Departments.


Take your data with you wherever you go with dashboards optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile.


SOC TSP, PCI DSS 3.2.1, ISO27001 and Azure CIS 1.1.0 Compliant

Second step, predictability.

Our Forecasting Engine will give you the most accurate demand forecasts for each of your products.

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Plug and Play

Our Forecasting Engine takes care of choosing the right forecasting model by analyzing tens of parameters so you have more time to manage your supply chain.

New and Old

Our engine handles both new and old products to give you actionable insights into what´s coming.

Accuracy and Flexibility

Understand where your forecasts come from and customize them as needed across your S&OP Process.

Third step, optimization.

Tailor-made models to optimize your Supply Chain to your needs.

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Inventory Optimization

Optimize your inventory through our Vedus Product Lifecycle Optimization Algorithms.

What-If Simulations

Simulate what would happen to your Supply Chain if there are changes to your supply, demand or vendors.

Actionable Recommendations

Inventory Position Suggestions to guide your Planning, Sourcing, Manufacturing and Logistics Decisions.

Proven results in weeks, not years

From first call to first dashboards in weeks.

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