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The Process

Analysis Workshop

At Ventagium Data Consulting (VDC), we empower supply chain executives to transcend the limitations of spreadsheets by providing customized analytics platforms. These platforms are designed to facilitate datadriven decisions, enhancing operational efficiency by 20%, reducing stock-outs by 60%, and cutting down reporting time by an astonishing 99%.


Through our unique approach, the Ventagium Way, we pave the path to operational excellence. 

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Security, Governance and Compliance

Ventagium safeguards your supply chain with Microsoft Purview, a comprehensive data governance and security solution. Purview empowers us to identify and neutralize cyber threats, implementing robust access controls across your on-premise, cloud, and SaaS data. We provide a clear picture of your data landscape, enabling us to improve data health, identify inconsistencies, and ensure compliance with regulations. 


Project Structure


Liberating Supply Chain Leaders from Spreadsheets with Advanced Analytics 

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